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It’s the same story in so many organizations. Everyone wants a newsletter but no one wants to do it.

Short straw loses. A newsletter coordinator is named.

The coordinator must constantly twist arms of supervisors asking for stories. Countless e-mails, committees and meetings finally result in stories. Deadlines? Forget them. Everything must wait for that one last article.

The coordinator then calls several printers to gather quotes. A folder of newsletter stories and photos is organized.

The printer then scans, types, copies and pastes everyone’s hard work into one newsletter proof. At this point, everyone is tired of the newsletter and the coordinator is left to move it forward. It doesn’t end there.

The coordinator must develop a mailing list and find a mailing service willing to take several boxes of newsletters, then tab, apply labels and mail. In the middle of all this, the coordinator must provide a check for postage.

That’s why organizations call News Link. News Link finds news, interviews people, writes stories, acquires photos, prints and distributes. Call Dave Zelnio 402-304-0086 to find out more.
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